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Painting Landscapes in Oils with Your Palette Knife

ARTIST: Alisa Koch

One Day All-Inclusive Workshop with Special Pricing
Beginning to Intermediate levels

Using her palette knife as a tool, Koch has a talent for working with oils, creating stunning landscapes that almost have an Impressionistic, Paul Cézanne-type feel. Often, Koch dots her background with vivid pinks, blues and oranges to create a rendering of a sunset or sunrise, while blocks of vibrant greens and yellows lay the foreground for her work. Her intention is to capture the transient quality of nature, from dusk to twilight, and she leaves room for people to interpret her work as they see fit. “I grew up in the country, and I spent a lot of time outdoors, inspecting the elements around me,” Koch said. “Leaves, flowers, or a change of weather had an effect on me emotionally, and I wanted to recreate what I was feeling and put it on canvas. I came up with a method to apply paint very minimally, breaking things down into shapes and colors so that you understand what you’re looking at, but each person can interpret it on their own.”

Special Pricing is Available for this One-Day All-Inclusive Workshop. Please email Dorothy Wells Littleton to register and for pricing/payment information.

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