May 25

Plein Air Sketchbook and Oil Painting Basics

ARTIST: Katie Dobson Cundiff

4-Day workshop
Beginning to intermediate levels

Join Katie, well known impressionist Plein Air artist, for four days at the Tallapoosa School of Art. Here you will experience the thrill and joy of painting outdoors en Plein Air in colorful pine and hardwood forests surrounding the shores of Lake Martin on the Tallapoosa River in Dadeville, AL. Discover how drawing and painting from life will lead to better work whether en Plein Air or in the Studio. 

During this four day workshop, students will use sketchbooks to create small studies with pen, pencil, brush & gouache for the first two days, and in oils for the second two days. Basic principles, techniques, and materials for drawing and painting en Plein Air will be discussed. Demonstrations, along with individual and class critiques will be given.

Katie is a member of, and has exhibited with many respected organizations and received awards in National Exhibitions including the Oil Painters of America, The American Impressionists Society, American Women Artists, Women Painters of the Southeast, and Cumberland Society of Painters. She currently serves as President for Plein Air Painters of the Southeast.


Sep 28

Still Life in Oils

Artist: Barbara Binford Davis 

3-Day Workshop
Beginner to Intermediate Levels

Learn to create light and shadow on your canvas and to arrange your own floral still life for painting in the studio and en plein air. Barbara will provide demonstrations and personal attention to beginning and intermediate students in this 3-day workshop in oils. 


Oct 19

Oil Painting Basics

ARTIST: Craig Reynolds

3-Day workshop
Beginner level

Alabama artist Craig Reynolds will provide demonstrations and individual instruction to beginning painters in this 3-day studio workshop. Students are invited to bring their own photographs to use as painting subjects or to use photographs provided during the workshop.


Oct 26

Composition in Plein Air: working with water-mixable oils

ARTIST: Charlie Hunter

4-Day workshop

Charlie Hunter’s distinctive plein air work turns heads and raises questions. Why water-mixable oils? Is it true that a squeegee is involved? And what about those Stim-U-Dents and Q-Tips we keep hearing about? All will be revealed in this fun and fast-moving workshop. There will be daily demos and plenty of time for painting; we'll go over some simple, yet invaluable tools for accurate rendering, and Charlie will expound and instruct about how and why he uses water mixable oils. Most importantly, there will be discussion and mutually-supportive critique sessions at the end of each day’s painting. We’ll learn and laugh a lot each day while staying true to the credo of have big fun; make big mess.

"If it is within the realm of human evolution, or the whim of the Divine, to allow one individual to possess the gift of a natural sense of design, then Charlie Hunter is certainly the lucky winner... No master of the pure line can surpass what Charlie, almost matter-of-factly, does when he takes pencil in hand.” – Richard Schmid, ALLA PRIMA II.

Using water-mixable oils and a reductive technique based on 19th century tonalism informed by modern reproduction processes, Charlie Hunter explores textual and graphic elements of contemporary representationalism. Organic yet irrevocably hinting at photography, Hunter’s work is simultaneously journalistic and deeply subjective. He lives and works in Bellows Falls, Vermont, 20 miles from where he grew up on the highland farm built by his great-great-great grandfather. Hunter holds a degree in art from Yale University, worked as a graphic designer creating tour posters for scores of rock bands ranging from Jerry Garcia to Bob Dylan, Ramones to The Clash, was a music manager for a dozen years and now exhibits at museums and galleries across the US. He has been profiled in ARTSCOPE, VERMONT LIFE, RAILWAY HERITAGE and PLEIN AIR.


Nov 2

Plein Air in Oils and Pastels

ARTIST: Nancie King Mertz

4-Day workshop
Beginning to advanced levels

Nancie King Mertz was born and raised in Central Illinois, where she began painting and selling her work in her early teens.  She received a BFA in Painting from the University of Illinois, where she was a James Scholar, and also where she met her husband, Ron.  They settled in Central Illinois and Nancie pursued a Masters Program in Painting at Eastern Illinois University where she taught for 3 years.  While in graduate school, Nancie began a gallery/framing company which she has continued to operate after re-locating to Chicago in 1987.  Her husband joined her in the business in 2000.  Their gallery/frame shop features Nancie’s originals, Ron publishes Giclée prints and cards of her work, and Nancie and her staff run a thriving framing and conservation service.  

Nancie’s oils and pastels are Impressionistic in style, with 60% of her work created en Plein air.  She paints approximately 100 pieces annually and has traveled to over 20 countries for inspiration to paint on-site.  Urban & rural subjects capture her attention when traveling in the States, and she can often be found painting in the varied neighborhoods of Chicago.  She offers destination workshops and local demos, and serves as a juror for shows in the Midwest.


Nov 9

Painting the Autumn Landscape

Artist: David Boyd, Jr.

3-Day workshop
Intermediate to advanced levels

David will use demonstrations and individual attention to assist students with some experience painting in oils en plein air. Autumn colors reflecting in the still waters of Lake Martin should provide inspiration for students interested in painting the southern landscape.


May 19

Putting Light into your Paintings


4-Day workshop

Bill Farnsworth will teach a 4 day Oil Painting Plein Air/ Studio Workshop. For two days students will paint Plein Air and learn about how to choose, edit, and build a painting full of light. The other two days students will paint in a studio environment using high quality photographs and/or field studies. Bill will talk about the pitfalls of photography and the technical aspects of getting the most out of studio time.

Every morning Bill will paint a demo whether Plein Air or Studio to show students a step by step on how to build a painting. This four day workshop will give the students the best of both worlds and they will come away with a greater understanding of the principals of painting.


May 11

Plein Air in Pastels and Oils


4-Day workshop
Beginner to intermediate levels

Greg welcomes students who are new to plein air painting as well as students with prior experience and provides individual attention to students at all levels. Instruction will range from advice on supplies to choosing a subject for your painting, the painting process, and adding final touches in your studio.

Greg teaches pastel and plein air painting the way he learned: By giving daily demonstrations and instruction at your easel. This format accelerates the learning process by first seeing and then by doing. While pastel is the medium Greg focuses on, oil or acrylics are welcome. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, you will enjoy your experience with Greg.

Selected comments from a recent workshop:
"wonderful experience"
" excellent workshop - it is the best I have ever participated in"
" Felt like Greg strived very hard to make sure that everyone got personal attention and positive suggestions"
" A delightful person, who translates "Yes, you can" to students"
" wonderful workshop - please come again."


May 5

Plein Air on the Waterfront


4-Day workshop

Qiang Huang will teach his 5 step method of painting the landscape in oil. 

FIRST - the initial placement and geometry of the major features on the canvas
SECOND - setting the values by designing the shadow and light patterns
THIRD - adding the colors
FOURTH - modeling fine details, checking edges to sharpen or soften as needed
FIFTH - the consolidation phase adding final touches to complete the painting

The typical workshop starts with Qiang Huang's painting demonstration in the morning where he will demonstrate and discuss his 5 step process for painting a landscape. After lunch each student will start their own painting following the five step method demonstrated. Qiang will work with each student individually to assist them in understanding and utilizing his process. 

On the second day, Qiang will again do a demonstration, but this time he will paint only the first step and stop. Then the students will also paint the first step on their canvases and stop. Then Qiang will paint the second step and stop. Each student follows along and paints their second step and stops. Then the next three steps are done it the same fashion with Qiang demonstrating each step and then stopping to let the students catch up on their own painting. 

On the fourth day, Qiang will offer an optional presentation on "How to Market Your Artwork Using the Internet, Online Auctions, Blogs and Newsletters". The students can decide whether to have the presentation or continue painting. If they opt out of the presentation, Qiang can provide a PDF of the presentation which can be e-mailed to participants after the workshop.


Apr 20

Painting Oil Portraits from Photographs


3-Day workshop

Ron will teach portraiture through demonstrations with individual attention given to each student. Students may bring their own photographs and Ron will provide photographs for students who would like to use them.